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Chapter One

As the night grew darker and the two creatures watched the land patiently, the second creature rose high in the air and looked down to the first, bowing its head and closing its eyes as it breathed deeply, it then began to sing, in its calm and soothing feminine voice, a sweet melody which seemed to warm the soul of any living being whom would hear it, “Chains will bind the lands.” It sung softly, “But with our faith, and courage, we shall break free.” It continued, in an unknown language, and crystal clear tears as pure as love and anger, began to run down its pale pink face.

In the far distance, a beautiful bird soared majestically through the empty skies, with every colour of the rainbow, a colour of each of its wonderful soft feathers; it flew into the distance, until the sparking colours could no longer be seen. “It begins.” The first creature said, interrupting the second.

It began to march towards the city, grabbing the right and left sides of its black hood and pulling it over its pale feline like head, before turning to the second with held its hands to its face as though it was praying, bowing a final time, “Good luck my brother.” It said quietly, before soaring off into the night sky.

The first creature smiled, and began to wave his hands around, again in a witch like fashion, “You too my sister. But do not worry about me, I will be fine, as will you, for I have seen the future and know, we will see each other once again.” It then bowed, the second creature had already took flight and was far away from the first, but the power of telepathy allowed the first to communicate with the second, “Until next time, sayonara Mew.” It said, the creature then continued to march towards the lonely city, travelling down the large hill which allowed him to see most of the land.

Behind him a loud patting of paws hitting the ground could be heard, growing louder and louder as a lion like creature raced towards him, as the first creature spun around defensively, the third halted, glancing at the first suspiciously, before bowing down, “Mewtwo. I arrived as fast as my legs could carry me.” It said panting heavily as it struggled to talk; the creature had a proud low pitched voice.

The third creature was much smaller than Mewtwo, and stood proudly on four legs, it had brown fur which covered all but the centre of its body and its cold face, to the centre, the fur slowly faded to a pearl white and the fur upon its face changed to the colours red and yellow, the drastic colour change upon its face, made it looked as though the creature was wearing a mask. It had warm brown eyes which seemed to tell the story of a life of hard work, and heartbreak. Around its ankles the creature had steel cuffs which looked as though it was once a prisoner that broke free from the chains that bound it.

Mewtwo smiled wisely at the third creature. “Entei, you have also chosen one from the city of Pewter?” It asked curiously, waving its hands around.

Entei glanced down to the silent city, “That is correct. A young lady named Jacqueline Rose, her parents were killed by Team Rocket and Jacqueline fled to Pewter, alone. Her heart is set on revenge and the pure fury burning in her soul will make her a great addition for the chosen few.”

Mewtwo sighed as he watched the cold city which lay below, “I question your judgement Entei, a girl with a heart full of rage? Is it so wise allowing her to travel with the rest of the chosen few? There are dark times ahead my brother; and this girl could have the potential to corrupt the others, with her soul full of hate and thirst for the blood of Team Rocket.”

Entei raised his head and glanced at the twinkling stars which lay in the darkness of space, “This is my choice Mewtwo, not yours. Focus more on your own chosen one, and I shall guide mine, pulling her away from the path of darkness.”

Mewtwo smiled wisely, before bowing to Entei, “You are correct, I wish you luck my brother, we shall cross paths once more, in the greatest battle. Until then, we must part ways, I bid you farewell.” Mewtwo then began to lift off the ground, floating weightlessly in the air, before soaring off into the star filled sky, above the frightened city of Pewter.

Meanwhile, near the once tranquil town of Pallet, a tall man raced past the many trees which stood scorched in the once bright and colourful Route One, his tall ash covered laboratory coat dragging behind him, he had light grey hair and a stern pale wrinkled face, the man continued to race into Pallet Town, a city once peaceful and calm, now filled with burnt out houses and shattered glass from windows covering part of the ground, the man ignored this though, as if he was used to it, and continued to travel to the tallest building, a destroyed laboratory.

As the man spun round, facing the electronic glass doors, they slid open automatically, and upon entering, the doors closed sharply behind him. Inside the laboratory, many books and smashed computers lay on the floor gathering dust, but once again, he ignored this, climbing over the wreckage and entering a small room which was filled with Pokéballs. The man grabbed a red and white one from the top of a shelf and smiled down at it brightly, before walking back into the main room and glancing down as the ground. He then proceeded to spin his arm around and push a small button on the Pokéball, the button then click and released, and the ball grew twice in size, before sliding open and in a flash of pure white light, which made the man cover his eyes as the brightness burnt his eyes which had adjusted to the darkness of the laboratory, a small mouse like creature emerged on the ground beneath him.

The small creature stood on two legs with long bright yellow ears which ended with small black tips, upon its face it had rosy red cheeks which made it look like a pleasant Pokémon, upon its yellow fur which covered the majority of its body, brown stripes ran vertically upon its back, and the creature had a large lightning bolt shaped tail, which faded from brown to yellow as it progressed to the tip. It titled its head curiously, as its eyes tried to focus on the dark room around it, “Pikachu?” It said brightly.

The man kneeled down and grinned wisely at the small creature, petting it on its head, “Perfect! Pikachu I need you to do me a favour.” He said in a weak yet excited voice, before standing up and walking over to another room which was darker than the first two, Pikachu followed loyally, in the distance, the sound of two doors opening could be heard, “What was that?” The man asked suspiciously, but Pikachu continued to tilt its head as it failed to understand why it was there.

The man walked back towards the first room, as silently as he could, attempting to make his feet hit the ground as lightly as possible, as he entered the first room, a tall figure could be seen stood near the door, but he could not make out whom or what it was, “Pikachu now, Thunder!” He ordered furiously, pointing at the stranger.

But a loud feminine scream was suddenly heard, and as Pikachu began to generate thunder, the small sparks which shot from his cheeks would briefly light up the room, revealing the identity of the woman, she was dressed in a long black coat, buttoned up, covering both her body and legs, with long golden hair, tanned skin and a warm caring smile, it was Cynthia, the Champion of Sinnoh, “Professor Oak!” She shouted, as the Pokémon continued to charge up, “Control your Pokémon!”

Professor Oak gasped, Cynthia was a highly respected woman and a brilliant Pokémon Trainer, one of the best in the world, he quickly aimed the Pokéball he had gripped in his hand and returned Pikachu to the capsule, “I am so sorry!” He said panicking.

Cynthia smirked, she was not one to take things too seriously, “Don’t worry Professor; Elm did the exact same thing to me.”

The Professor laughed nervously, grabbing a dusty chair from near a desk and pushing it towards her, it scratched sharply against the ground, “Here, take a seat...Well this is a pleasent surprise...Can I get you a drink?" He said welcomingly.

Cynthia sighed, “Professor! I have not travelled all the way to Kanto for you to act like an idiot! We have serious issues to discuss, prepare all your best Pokémon, and gather all your Pokéballs and any other important equipment!” She said snappily, “Shortly, six teenagers are going to arrive at your laboratory, and the fate of this world lies in their hands! We need to prepare them for their journey!” Cynthia then searched in a backpack which hung over one of her shoulders and pulled out six PokéGears, “Professor Elm gave me these PokéGears, these will be essential...But they will still need some Pokéballs and one Pokédex each. We have to supply these with everything we have to make their journey that little bit easier. Provide as much assistance as we can.”

The Professor felt his body burning with rage, “...What are you talking about? Why are six teenagers about to arrive at my laboratory? And how dare you come to my lab uninvited and start ordering me around! You and the rest of Sinnoh had left Kanto and Johto to be enslaved by Team Rocket! You didn’t attempt to help us! We called for emergency assistance and you ignored us? And now you swan into my laboratory and start telling me that I am an idiot! I have lived in this destroyed town, for a whole year, alone!”

Cynthia interrupted the Professor, standing tall above him, intimidating the Professor, “And I have travelled the world for a whole year! Alone! Doing all I can to help out those in need while you, cowered inside here! Leaving all those who needed your help in the outside world, to die! So don’t challenge me Professor!”

There was a moment of silence, the Professor did not know what to say to Cynthia, although she was sweet and kind, she could also be fierce and stern, and had an intimating presence, “...I’m sorry...You’re a good man Professor. And I should respect you...But Sinnoh is also held in a grip of fear, under the rule of Cyrus and his gang, Team Galactic. My family, from Celestic Town have been murdered...Cyrus personally went to the town looking for me. He found my family and interrogated them; they all knew that I was in travelling the world, but they kept quiet, refusing to speak, one by one he killed them all, hoping the next would speak when one was killed. But it didn’t work, nobody told him of my location. This is not just Kanto, Professor. The entire world is shrouded in the darkness of evil, and tonight, the last rebellion begins, I just pray to God that we succeed. I’ll reveal all when the teenagers arrive. Until then, we need to prepare the laboratory.

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