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    Originally Posted by txteclipse
    Originally Posted by Redstar
    Yeah, literary devices must be present because they're simply the application of archetypes to an art-form...
    I have to say I disagree. Do something new that hasn't been classified, and there will be no existing device to compare it to. Unless you're saying that all possible literary devices have already been discovered, to which I must also say that I disagree.
    I think this is where Astinus and others are bothered by the use of "Literary Device" in the prompt, which I wholly agree with and feel I can explain.

    A more proper term for what I was explaining would probably be "Literary Elements". No matter what you do, there's always going to be a plot and a character. Those are simply inherent to writing.

    Now, the difference between literary elements and literary devices are how those elements are used. A plot is always present, but story isn't (Plot = frame, Story = form). A character is always present, but characterization isn't.

    Literary Devices are like a vehicle which carries the basic plot and expresses it as something more than simply beginning, middle, end. They're something a bad writer leaves out, a good writer simply includes, and an exceptional writer weaves into the very fabric of the piece.

    Literary elements, which are few, will always be there and most likely have been entirely described. But the devices, the vehicle the writer uses in expressing those elements, are still something a writer can spend a lifetime crafting and developing and never find them all.