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I know I posted another idea, but I decided, that if I were to hack, I wouldn't do that one. Why? Because I can do better, a lot better. So I got to thinking... what would a good plot be? One that's better than what I had? That's when it hit me, an original region. Yes, it's commonplace on here, but... yeah. Here is the plotline, and... yeah.

After Cyrus escapes from Hell (Torn World), he runs to a region known as Altoria. (Working Title, I will make a different name later) There he meets a man known as Kaine, the leader of the licentia, a group that wants to destroy the entire world. He was offered a position of power in the resistance, but Cyrus refused. Kaine simply asked again, but the man wouldn't give in to him. Kaine tries to kill the ex-leader of Cyrus, but he manages to get away.

He stumbles throughout the forests for a few days. Lost, hungry, and exhausted. But if he were to stop, he would be caught and killed by Kaine and his group. When he finally escapes from the maze of forests he was in, he sees what the people of the region are like.

Thieves, outlaws, and general ne'er-do-wells inhabited the southern portion of the region, while the northern portion is the normal people, the not too evil ones He was able to escape to the border, but he was captured by police, after having been recognized.

The next thing Cyrus knew, he was being taken to jail in an armored vehicle. After reaching the jailhouse, he was stripped of all pokemon, and was presented a choice

Destroy the alliance, and save the legendary pokemon, or get executed, via electric chair. Obviously he chooses to destroy the alliance, so he would get off, however, he had a special chip planted in his head to prevent him from leaving the region, or attacking innocents, lest he gets electrocuted to death.

Now, the Licentia's goal is simple, to get back at the World Government for laying down rules, and preventing chaos from ruling, so to overthrow them, the Licentia will collect the seventeen plates, each guarded by a legendary pokemon, to summon Arceus to destroy the World Government, the Pokemon League HQ, and anyone who tries to rebel against them. Of course, something else has plans for this...

I know this is full of plotholes, but... yeah. I haven't had much time to refine this idea just yet. None of the names are official just yet, and if I decide to make a hack, this one will be the first priority. My main obstacle is scripting, but I'll eventually figure that out. I haven't seen this plot yet, but then again, I don't pay attention to many hacks.