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    Hey, did anyone else happen to notice that (according to this webpage, but yes, in general as well) the term "literary device" is just an umbrella term for things that also include devices and techniques, meaning elements and techniques are devices but just subsets in the same way a falcon is a hawk but not necessarily vice versa?

    I'd continue this snarky response except my sugarmama over there kinda stole the rest of this train of thought before it even happened.

    With that said, I'm back from a two-week vacation, I'm jet-lagged, and I was reminded yet again why airports make me want to set kittens on fire. I'm also tl;dr'ing the majority of what you all posted during my absence for hopefully understandable reasons, so I'm just going to assume you all went wild with the metaphoric fire extinguisher and go catch up on the other threads I need to read. *salutes*
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