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    Thanks for the welcomes, folks.

    Originally Posted by Redstar View Post
    I hadn't noticed, which is funny because my spiel on the subject seem to be exactly right. =D
    From what I understood of your other post, you seemed to be confusing literary devices with literary techniques. Some people consider techniques and devices to be synonyms of one another, but if we're going off this website (and a few other sources), then device is the overall term for elements and techniques. Meaning, as I've said before, an element is a device, but a device can be either an element or a technique.

    That said...

    When/if you do travel, do you try or purposely (even accidently), include settings akin to where you have traveled?

    Occasionally, but I always feel weird when I consciously base something off my own experiences. (No particular reason why. I just do.) Instead, I usually try to go for pictures of places I haven't gone or just make things up out of pure thin air.
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