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    Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    From what I understood of your other post, you seemed to be confusing literary devices with literary techniques. Some people consider techniques and devices to be synonyms of one another, but if we're going off this website (and a few other sources), then device is the overall term for elements and techniques. Meaning, as I've said before, an element is a device, but a device can be either an element or a technique.
    I'm not confusing anything. We don't need to make two simple terms more confusing then they need to be, when when we get down to the basics of it all what really matters are the messages they express, not the semantics.

    Literary elements, as stated by that site and me, are the common aspects of stories that are always present whether you try or not. Literary devices are how you use said elements... A device is an object used to complete a task, so if we think of literary devices as a vehicle for expressing literary elements, then how you drive said vehicle/device would be technique. The terms are one and the same.