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    This is a weird happening I picked up on yesterday:

    Remember that guy in Cerulean City on FR/LG, who stands outside of Cerulean Cave, telling you that you can't enter? Well, it seems, according to Advance Map, he's not actually in Cerulean City. He's on Route 4 (The Event Editor will tell you there's an event that's not on the map--This one's referring to him.)

    Now the problem I have is that whenever I try to move him, or even change some of his data so that he could at least be "Hidden" on the Map, the game automatically freezes and resets if I step on a tile near him. And to make things worse, most of the game's tiles just won't overlap him. He still stands there, visible from the end of Route 4.

    So my problem is: How do I deleted weird person?

    Edit: I can't just set the flag to make him disappear, since that flag would be the one set after you install the Sapphire on One Island...Which is WAY further off in the hack than I am. Doing that might cause other events that shouldn't be accessed until later to occur. ):

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