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    Originally Posted by oni flygon
    oh that? Meh. I didn't really like scripts that much. It's quite a bit of a pain to read them since half of the time, I forget who was talking...XD Reading Shakespheare's Julius Ceaser is even worse... X-X
    How the hell can you forget who's talking when each person's name is put right in front of each line? Anyway, my fic (Pocket Monsters Chronicles) is meant to be rather serious, so it's obviously not a parody or humor story. My reason for doing script wasn't just to make things easier, but also because my story was conceived as a doujinshi manga that was abandoned, and script would just be a simpler way to convert that into writing format. I highly recommend people at least look at what kind of scripting I've done. Thus far, Mr. Catdog's left behind a very good complement about it.