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    Originally Posted by Robert Conley View Post
    I tried following this to change the may ow in FR and when i search in the hex editor it says it cant find the pointer.

    The sprite pointer is 083A0470 and I search for 70043A08 which seems to match what you did but it still doesnt find it. But when I copy/paste what you did it finds the old man.
    I am having the same problem too.
    I am changing Deoxys's Defense Form OW sprite, which the pointer is 08930328. I looked for 28039308 and nothing came up.
    EDIT:Never mind I fixed it. I used the wrong pointer, its in Info1prite Header.
    EDIT2:Ok how did you find the offset of 71A23C? I would like to know so I can do it myself. I have no idea how you got to that offset so I can't continue.

    The thread for my hack is here

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