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Huzzah, a non-ugly thread title. Why must Piplup have a B button? D:

- It's like Barry ran into Ash in purpose XDDD
- I just realised...Barry was in episode in Japanese this week, and Barry is in an episode in the dub this week. Coincidence loves me ~
- Ah, so Barry and Kenny aren't best friends, they just met...good.
- Kenny sounds different again
- What's with all this ugly dub music
- Pokemon pingpong...
- Piplup, stop taking screentime so we can see more of Barry.
- Urk, I wish it would evolve so we didn't have such a screechy voice
- Hahaha, I thought Barry was pushing all Ash, Kenny and Brock for a second XD
- Wow, it's pretty funny how it randomly got stuck at the top of the web...reminds me of the first DP episode
- Hahaha, Piplup's face XD
- I wonder how much money Barry would have if he fined them and got the money...
- Jeez, where's the Japanese music?
- Flashback ~
- I wish Barry would give them some idea how much he'd fine them XD
- Thank you for interrupting them, Barry :D
- Ooh, Dawn actually sounds angry. I don't know why when she could get rid of Piplup...
- James: I don't like his shirt XDDD

Music kept: (7)

Piplup runs off
Sinnoh Team Rocket Motto Theme
Pikachu using Thunderbolt
Piplup uses Whirlpool
Piplup tries to stop evolving after battling
Shin Satoshi no Theme (TPCI usually cut this theme)
Piano music after Team Rocket blasts off (what is this theme??)
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