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    Originally Posted by T.W North
    When you say 5 pages long min, does that mean per chapter?
    And script format is when its being written for a play, a fan-fiction is something like a novel(unless its a one shot). Plus, no matter how well written a script is, it cant really grab people attention until its acted out.
    Yes - 5 pages of Microsoft Word in the default settings of font is a good enough length normally for a FF of the Week. And, I would have to agree with you on that. Reading J.B. Priestly's "An Inspector Calls" in English has made me realise that acting is much better than reading in terms of script. Since this is Pokemon FanFiction, and not Pokemon Movie Multiplex, script fics aren't exactly great for showing off full writing ability to the maximum as something like a novel can.

    Although I don't mind reading script fics - my review of Pocket Monsters Chronicles proves that - I would prefer to either see the script being acted out, or reading a compelling novel.