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Originally Posted by peter5566 View Post
This hack looks really cool! Looking forward to it!

I like your ideas of having riolu and houndour as one of the starters choices!
Originally Posted by lurker View Post
this looks pretty good, i like the starter selection
Thanks. I actually decided to make it those types, since it would be a change from the usual (Grass, Fire, Water). The type choices were chosen since I liked the idea of (Fighting, Psychic and Dark) which was a rumor back before Diamond and Pearl were out. So, yeah.

I will be making updates at some point, but, my actual computer is still virus infested, and school has started back up for me. I'm not quitting though! I refuse to quit on another hack!

I will be making a change to Lugia's sprite, it'll now be it's HeartGold/SoulSilver sprite. I also created 2 more Fakémon; a fighting and fire type one.
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