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i joined this site simply to tell you that i might be able to help you with your game good sir. I cannot. and i repeat. cannot. wait for this to be completed and released. it looks absolutely stunning in terms of everything i have seen in the screens. the plot sounds fantastic. the starters look very well put together and makes me really anxious to evolve them
any way
i cannot sprite at all. not in the slightest. not possible.
i am however musically inclined. specifically on the guitar. i think i could possibly create a remix of older battle music from MY OWN WORK. it would be up beat. with builds etc. if you provide me with specifications i can probably produce it
if there is any "peaceful" type events. serene ones etc. i think you will find that i can fill that perfectly ^.^
once again this rocks beyond my abillity to express. tell me your thoughts