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Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
I'm just posting to say I approve of this idea.

Also, to respond to Feign by saying, "Well, Mystery Pokémon Theater 3000 is due for a new episode. Does that count?" If not, it's been awhile since I've written about Ash Ketchum, and for whatever reason, that boy only lets me write crack about him.

And to Asty: Yes, mistress.

Will come up with my list later. And yeah, the question's geared more towards the (current) regulars. Because it's more amusing to request fics from people who are probably actually reading this.
I'll be sure to read it, past, present and future.

Ooooo on a side note, I bought my textbooks today. Now aside from having to spend money, they do look potentially interesting (I'd hope so, they will be my study material after all). I've glossed over my History of English book, as well as my Metaphysics book.