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    A parody about a psychotic inmate, jailed for experimenting on pokemon.
    It may not be for me, but I could do that one. :D I won't though. I need to put out at least TRINITY chapter 5 before doing anything else.

    Name currently active members of the FFL (as many as you'd like). Okay, now what would you most like to see them write? (Name as many ideas as you'd like, keeping in mind the writer's usual style/past works/whatever.)
    I'm terrible at thinking up specific things for individual people (the fact that the only person whose writing I've read is Valentine doesn't help), so have this multiple choice prompt instead:

    Everybody: Write a story about a (relatively normal, emo, psycho, flamethrow-armed, squealing) (trainer, ninja, clown, furret, fangirl) who one day happens upon a (injured Pokemon, secret military base, meeting between cannibals, an innocent wooden village, portal to another fandom of your choice) and ends up (helping the Pokemon, sneaking around, dying, BURNINATING EVERYTHING, meeting the character of your dreams). (Tears, Action, Blood, Silliness, Sex Happy times) will be (shed, had)!

    And I am disappointed that no one has suggested anything for me to right. AM I NOT REGULAR ENOUGH FOR YOU PEOPLE?! DO I NEED TO SELL MY SOUL OR SOMETHING TO BE CONSIDERED REGULAR?!

    God, I hate you people.

    Haven't I said that before?