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    Originally Posted by txteclipse
    Would you be satisfied for now with this quick concept drawing I made just yesterday?
    Yay! I'm happy! *squees*

    Originally Posted by Feign
    Solvino: A poem on 'what if Aristotle had a pokemon' (to go along with the Shakespeare one I made)
    A... a....





    Oh my... looks like I'm in for some nights without sleep.

    The idea is quite good (Aristoteles with Pokémon: I already have an idea for his Starter :D), but what kills me is to put it in poem form. I can barely put together a rhyme in my native Spanish so in English it can only be weirder and funnier (for you guys). I'll give it a try sometime, what's the worse thast can happen? Earn an entry in TVTropes' So Bad It's Horrible Good section?

    Originally Posted by Shrike Flamestar
    Everybody: Write a story about a (relatively normal, emo, psycho, flamethrow-armed, squealing) (trainer, ninja, clown, furret, fangirl) who one day happens upon a (injured Pokemon, secret military base, meeting between cannibals, an innocent wooden village, portal to another fandom of your choice) and ends up (helping the Pokemon, sneaking around, dying, BURNINATING EVERYTHING, meeting the character of your dreams). (Tears, Action, Blood, Silliness, Sex Happy times) will be (shed, had)!
    (emphasis by me )
    Now that sounda interesting. And yes I'm aware I used "shed" back there. Don't despair, Shrike, we all love you, you know, in the way Lounge members... er... love each other?
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