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Originally Posted by solovino View Post
in the way Lounge members... er... love each other?
But, um... one Lounge member and...the moderator...and...

Never mind.

Astinus: Do a one shot with the other two legendary beasts being interviewed like how you did with Raikou
Fortunately, one of those beasties has an awesome personality that needs to be showcased more often. I just need to think of a story that it could tell.

Asti: A one shot of a romantic get-away between two Pokemon trainers on a beach (just because I thought of it just now).
Romance that's not my OTP? Blasphemy!

Unless Andy becomes a Pokemon trainer. Might be interesting to poke around with.

If your character had gone to university, what would be their favourite course, and why?
The only one that goes to university for actual learning purposes (other certain people just lie about their schooling) enjoys business classes. I don't get her, but that's what she does.

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