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Originally Posted by Citrinin View Post
For crackfics, you don't have to be under the influence, but you have to write as if you were under it.
*insert evil laugh here*

Oh really...? XD

Ironically, despite the fact I don't drink, or do drugs, my friends and coworkers tell me me that they wonder what I would be like if I did use any of the above. This is because irl(?), I am like the eccentric man, who is a bit too naive for his own good. XD

Though when I think about it, I swear the fic might turn ou to be an amalgamation of a bunch of internet memes. Though I'd have to be more creative than that...

Pokemon youtube poop is a good start though.

Ideas be poppin' in mah headz though

EDIT: Remind me to read up on Alice in Wonderland XD