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OH MAH GAWD GAIZ. I'm gonna have to read through all this soon. For now, just the last page.

If your character had gone to university, what would be their favourite course, and why? Tyson's already stated he wants to pursue a career in forensics. I'm not sure what courses you'd need for that, but I'd say Chemistry and Criminology for starters. Haley? More artsy. She'd be going for a BA, probably with a double major in Fine Arts and Music? Something like that. She'd want Hons but not a PhD. She'd hate being Dr. Bach.

And yes, I originally planned to be on hiatus for a week to escape the madness for a little bit. Then my computer asploded (sorta) and I had to borrow Pich_u's laptop to log in. Now I have my puter back and I is the happiest kid in the playground. *goes to see if anyone has suggested a fic for me*

What's the current wordcount on your active chaptered fics?