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    Originally Posted by txteclipse View Post
    I don't mean to sound stand-offish, but what has caused everyone to think that there's only one Latias and one Latios? I mean, there were at least four Latios and two Latias shown in the movie. It's genuinely confusing to me.

    Was it the games, where you could only catch one of each? But then the pokedex entries explain that they form small groups, so...?

    Anyway, yeah, I would be a bit uncomfortable writing twincest. As I just showed, though, I could do a story about two Latis that aren't related. Would that be okay, or did you pick the Latis specifically because you wanted twincest to be present?
    I had the same thoughts, since I don't consider them twins in any way (in the games, at least)... Polar opposites, maybe.

    In any case, incest is one of my favorite themes. Plays a part in most of my work, and I've written a few essays on the subject. Maybe I can be tossed that prompt, or at least something anyone feels fitting?