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    If your character had gone to university, what would be their favourite course, and why?
    Shrike, Rayne and Aira actually did go to a Pokemon Academy, which in the world of TFC is sort of a cross between high school and college that kids aspiring to be trainers have the option to attend after primary school. In the Academy, Shrike's favorite course was General Pokemon Studies, a class that offers hands-on learning with Pokemon and how to care for, train, and even battle with them. It should be noted that as Shrike left partway through the course, he didn't receive the full curriculum. Also, he hated his teacher, Professor Jura. His least favorite classes were the gen eds (general education), such as the required math classes. If he had gone to a normal secondary school instead, he probably wouldn't have liked anything except perhaps IT classes.

    Aira and Rayne are then pretty much opposites, in that while Aira pretty much liked every aspect of school (especially the internship at the Petalburg Gym she took up) including gen eds, Rayne didn't like a single part of it. Aira considered it uplifting and enjoyed the change from her previous life on the streets, while Rayne considered it oppressive and restricting her time with her Absol, Matariel. (The academies don't allow Pokemon to be kept by the students, however in both Rayne's and Aira's case with Matariel (Absol) and Fury (Houndour) respectively exceptions were made due to the influence of, in Rayne's case, Professor Jura and the then heir to the Dewford Gym, Noah, for Aira)

    As for Tashima in TRINITY? Well, he probably wouldn't mind it too much although he'd probably ignore all his classes and just hack into the school's computers and change his grades instead of actually earning them.

    What's the current wordcount on your active chaptered fics?
    TRINITY - 45629 (including WIP of chapter 5)
    TFCv2 - 32458 (up through chapter 5)

    Originally Posted by Bay
    And Shrike, I' ve been trying to come up with a challenge for you, but nothing yet. D:
    Make it something with blood. I like blood. It is good.

    Originally Posted by Valentine
    Shrike: If I recall correctly, m'dear, you are a fellow sci-fi fan. So. Pokémon + spaceship = ?
    TRINITY, namely the Waves sidestory, says hi. :D While there's not much spaceship action in the main story yet (that'll come in around part 2), Waves is completely focused on a soldier of the United States Navy (then called the United States Space Navy. I have since decided that sounds retarded though.) who is transferred to the USS Andromeda, a battlecarrier-class ship with more than a passing resemblance to a Battlestar, as a space superiority fighter pilot (in the Vesper T-83, whose name bears more than a passing resemblance to BSG's Vipers). The climax of the story is this big, giant, fun battle between the Andromeda and her Vespers against three rogue cruisers and their contingent of fighters, followed by the experimental CFS Avalon and her fighter drones.

    As for Pokemon, they're present throughout the story as a hatred of the main character Zack, although at the end a Floatzel Vesper pilot does show up. It's not the most Pokemon-focused story ever, but when put in context with the story of TRINITY which is largely about a group of humans trying to cast Pokemon back down the social ladder (humans and Pokemon having become considered equal beings in TRINITY) set against the context of human-Pokemon prejudice and discrimination, it does make more sense. My current plan is to rewrite Waves and integrate it directly into TRINITY, as its events and the characters introduced in it will appear and play a role in TRINITY itself.

    And no one bother asking me for a GitS crossover either because TRINITY is already basically one, just without the characters (although the new character Kyle in chapter 5 does resemble Ishikawa to a certain degree, and the new character Ava is also somewhat like Motoko. Zeta can be considered Batou too I guess). Technology-wise, a lot of stuff was inspired by GitS. You have the standardized interface ports which cybernetic individuals can jack into, a form of visual cyberspace diving (in GitS that seemed to be normal while in TRINITY the visuals are reserved solely for the Cybernet and some more advanced devices that will appear in the future), the cybernetics themselves including the ability to integrate weapons directly into one's body (most obvious with Zeta, who has a whole of three separate weapons plus many other things stashed away inside of him. Tashima also has an arm cannon, however it is currently broken), and a general style that I'm aiming for, especially once the story opens up wider and I can introduce the social dynamics and elements I've been shooting for (the above mentioned predjudices and discrimimnation).