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    I have an Idea that is based on Star Wars Knights of the OLD Republic...

    Forgotton Knights of the Old Republic
    Dark Tide Rising

    Four thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, The Republic verges on collapse. After a long war against the Mandalorians, a war like race that brought death to new levels, the very heros of the Republic have fallen to the dark side. And with a massive fleet the new lord of the Sith, the Dark Lord Revan attacked the broken Republic, burning worlds and killing countless billions. But a Jedi strike team ambushed the dark lord and killed him...

    Darth Malak, last surviving apprentice of the Dark Lord Revan, has unleashed an incincible Sith armada upon the unsuspecting galaxy. Crushing all resistance, Malak's war of conquest has left the Jedi Order scattered and vulnerable as countless Knights fall in battle, and many more swer allegiance to their new Sith Master. Malak hunts the Jedi Knight who killed his master, in fear that he will be next.

    Two and a half years after the Sith launched their attack, In the skies above the outer rim world of Taris, A Jedi battle fleet engaged the forces of Darth Malak in a despreate effort to halt the Siths galactic domination, and the fate of the galaxy depends on the efforts of a republic soldier, his hardend officer, a young Jedi, as well as their companions...

    But they are not the only parts to this story. No, left out are the stories of those that took on much harder challanges than the more known story of The Star Forge War. Many died to halt the sith invasion, and a few lived. But like clock work, everything was dependent on everything else...

    Or I have another Idea... but I would rather wait and finish working on the Prolude for that before I contune... It is a WWII Idea based on a board game... sigh...
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