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    Originally Posted by Citrinin View Post
    One thing that's interested me with the answers to that question is that some people aren't keeping their fic all in the same document. If you don't mind me asking, what's the appeal of doing that? Personally, I'd find it quite inconvenient. o.o
    There's a few reasons why I do it:

    1. Most of my chapters are quite large. Keeping them in one file means editing chapter seven, for example, would be a task. Never mind opening the thing to begin with, considering my computer tends to lag when I try to do things like open massive documents. Or, in shorter terms, it's easier to open and search.

    2. I submit to, where each chapter needs to be kept separate due to the way its system works.

    3. Keeping every file separate serves as a bookmarker. I have easy access to what material is ready to be posted or reposted, so I can just use the hot keys (namely, CTRL+A) instead of going to the middle of a document, hitting shift, and pressing the down arrow for awhile until I finally get to the end of what I want to repost or post. This helps particularly in that I usually have a good part of the next chapter written by the time I'm ready to post the one before it.

    4. Gizamimi Pichu would murder me in my sleep if I sent her fifteen chapters in one Word document to beta every time I finish a chapter, and it wouldn't make too much sense for me to create one massive document and fifteen smaller ones when I can just have the fifteen smaller ones (that I need anyway for FFNet) in one folder and keep everyone happy.
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