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    Thanks for the review, Citrinin. I will be going back eventually and aligning the cities' names in accordance with my RP.

    Here's Chapter 2...

    Chapter 2: The First Day

    Charles turned his wheelchair around so that it faced Fiona. “Let us hope that she does not make the same mistakes as her brother,” he stated, trying to keep his voice from shaking.

    Fiona placed a hand on her husband’s shoulder. Rowan had been a trainer before his younger sister had and, unfortunately for him, had distanced himself from the family. He hadn’t been heard from since. She wanted to believe that Josephine would not get mixed up in whatever had happened to Rowan, but couldn’t be sure.

    “How long has Rowan been gone now, Mum?” Natalie asked in a high-pitched voice, as she ran into the room. The nearly ten-year-old Nat – as Josephine called her – was the youngest Harris and often wore a purple short-sleeved polo shirt and red skirt. Being just short of the minimum legal age, she was too young to receive a starter Pokémon at the moment, but would be able to start her journey soon.

    “Too long,” Charles cut in.

    “We last heard from him three years ago,” Fiona answered, sighing thoughtfully as she turned to look out the window.

    Not that long after Josephine had left Pallet Town, her Pokédex began to vibrate, indicating an incoming video message. She quickly fished it out of her pocket and peered at the sender’s number in the video-messaging list. The word ‘mum’ flashed on and off with an unopened envelope next to it. Pressing the play button, the teen waited.

    Her mother’s familiar face filled the screen, with Eevee curled up on top of her head.

    Hello, dear,” the image on screen said.

    “Hey, Mum,” the redhead answered.

    Rachel rang me the very minute you left. She said that she’d gotten in touch with Paul, and that both of them will wait for you in the Volfrost City Pokémon Centre. Both of them also have one extra partner, so try to at least catch another Pokémon yourself, okay?

    The teen sighed heavily. “I’ll try, Mum. Don’t worry, okay?”

    Fiona smiled. “Okay. Oh, that must be the postman. I have to go now, dear. Take care!” The message then cut out, leaving the red-haired girl wondering what her mother could be so excited about.

    As Josephine continued walking down the path to Volfrost City, the morning air was warming up and a flock of Pidgey was still twittering the dawn chorus in their melodious way. Half an hour later, after disappearing into the tall grass of Route 1 because she was getting more and more irritated at not being able to find any Pokémon, the red haired teen decided to stop and rest.

    Her impatience got the better of her and she swore. “This just ****ing sucks! Why haven’t I found anything yet?!” Josephine muttered out loud, as she shook her head angrily. “Where are they…?” she added, as she reached into her bright yellow backpack for the book her mother had most likely placed there. Just as she arrived at the part on Pokémon capturing, the lone Poké Ball on her belt wriggled and burst open.

    The light alighted on terra firma to materialize into Josephine’s first ever Pokémon.

    “I need your help, Shinx,” Josephine murmured, while stroking the lion-cub’s soft fur.

    “Shii?” The Electric type asked, saying “Me?” in her language.

    The fourteen-year-old redhead looked at her starter oddly. “Did you understand me? Or is it that I can’t understand you?”

    “Shinx Shii!” The female Shinx answered, happy that the teen had worked out that they needed to bond and be friends before the Pokémon could be understood.

    Oh well, that’s one problem that’s been sorted out, Josephine thought. “Can you find some wild Pokémon for me?” she asked politely, though her eyes betrayed her anxiety.

    “Shii!” Shinx growled, telling the red-haired teen that she was not a sniffer dog and would not degrade herself by doing something that was meant for them. To show her irritation, she spat and hissed madly.

    Josephine crouched down and put one hand on the side of the female lion-cub’s face. “Please, Riley? For me?”

    Josephine’s sincerity was genuine enough it threw the Shinx’s tantrum out the window. The Pokémon even recognized that the trainer had given her a nickname. Riley hesitated, murmuring “Shii…” as she did so.

    Josephine opened her mouth to speak, but stopped upon noticing a Pokémon stumble into her line of sight. It was a small yellow and white shrew, which was visibly trembling. The Ground type had black eyes, a short inward curving tail and stubby, pointed ears. As it uttered drawn out, squeaky cries of “Shrew!” Josephine noticed that the poor creature was distracted and had no idea its path had brought it to a trainer.

    “That’s a Sandshrew!” Josephine spoke softly while referring to her Pokédex. “According to the Pokédex, they’re not even supposed to be on Route 1.” She flicked the device closed and glanced at the Sandshrew, before turning to her Pokémon with a firm expression on her enthusiastic face. “We can’t just leave it here. We should try and capture it and take it to the Pokémon Centre in Volfrost City for a health check.”

    The Sandshrew heard Josephine. Glaring at Riley indifferently as if to say <You aren’t worth my time.>, he nevertheless straightened his posture and held up his claws, before lunging at the Shinx.

    That’s a Scratch attack, the red-haired girl thought. “Riley, dodge and then use Tackle!”

    <I can’t let them have perished for nothing. I must remain free,> the shrew thought.

    Riley agilely circumvented the emotion-spurred attack. The Electric type ran forward, with her claws outstretched. She then delivered a single strike to Sandshrew’s chest. Shrugging off the Tackle attack, as if it hadn’t struck him at all, the clearly troubled shrew charged forward once more. It was at this moment that Josephine realized that it was more than just emotion that had goaded the Ground type into action. She knew that he would fight to the death to uphold more than just his honour.

    “Shinx, Shii! Shinx, Shirar!” Riley’s speech was once again out of character for the cheeky, Kantonian-born Sinnoh Pokémon. The Electric type’s speech had fulfilled its intended purpose, however. His anger rising, the emotional Sandshrew leaped up and fell onto Riley, forcing her to use her claws to defend herself.

    Jeez, that’s gotta hurt, Josephine shook her head slightly and winced at the sight of her Pokémon crashing into a nearby tree.

    “Shin!” Riley said, winded, before recovering enough to rise to her clawed paws. Sandshrew had survived the ‘crash landing’ as he had curled up into a ball before impact. Uncurling himself, he marched over to where Riley was and thrust a clawed paw at the Electric feline’s throat, who froze at the action.

    Relatively uncommunicative as he was, his lone sentence that day would be what stood out in the Shinx’s mind for many a day to come. <Don’t… insult… shrews.> Sandshrew’s breathing was laboured and raspy, as if just saying those three words hurt that badly.

    Oh-kay, I think it’s time I kicked it up a notch, Josephine believed it was time to rack up a capture and be on her way to Volfrost. “All right, Riley! Let’s go! Give it all you’ve got!” the fourteen-year-old girl yelled, before Sandshrew could muster up a counter-attack.

    “Shii!” The Electric feline replied decisively. The Shinx let out a frustrated cry and let loose a ferocious lunge attack that completely caught the Ground type off guard. Riley barrelled into the sandy coloured shrew and fastened her minute fangs on his throat. Clamping down, a bit of blood spurted out.

    Wha-? Whoa! I didn’t think Riley had it in her! Josephine looked shocked.

    <You’ll pay for that,> the shrew vowed mentally, as he looked himself over after pushing the cat Pokémon away. One paw defiantly wiped away a tiny amount of blood and he was starting to weaken, thanks to the throat bite. He tensed, his arms raising his sharp claws as he prepared for another attack.

    Bugger, what now? The red-haired trainer thought, panicking slightly. That Sandshrew is still going strong, he’s not slowing down at all! I suppose I could make use of Scratch, but still…

    “Riley! Here’s what we’re gonna do! Dodge Sandshrew’s current attack and counter with a Tackle and Leer combination!” Josephine yelled out.

    “Shirar,” the female feline answered.

    For what she hoped was the last time today, Riley took a step forward and widened her yellow eyes. The Sandshrew opened his mouth in a silent gasp as the effects of the Leer attack seized him and he shivered involuntarily. Then, as the shrew struggled to regain his composure, Riley rushed in and, with a few well-placed bodily shoves, managed to reduce his energy even more.

    <I’ve failed them,> was the shrew’s last thought before falling to the grassy ground. One paw was all that was supporting him as he breathed arduously.

    Josephine heaved an empty Poké Ball at the yellow and white being that was doubled over on the ground. After several seconds of struggling, Sandshrew finally resigned himself to capture.

    “YEAH! WE CAUGHT SANDSHREW!” Josephine cheered, reaching for her newest Pokémon’s containment device and smiling widely.

    At that exact moment, as if it had delayed responding on purpose, Josephine’s Pokédex switched itself on and recorded Sandshrew’s information. “Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Ground type. To protect itself from attackers, Sandshrew curls up into a ball. They live in arid regions with minimal rainfall.”

    “Shrii?” Riley asked, just as Josephine face faulted.

    “SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE!” the teen screamed in annoyance. “Why the hell didn’t my Pokédex tell me that before I tried to catch Sandshrew?!”

    As the trainer and partner Pokémon continued on down the path towards Volfrost, neither of them noticed the lifeless, bloodied bodies of two Sandslash. In an exceptionally thick patch of Route 1’s tall grass, a hulking figure watched their departure.

    <She could be trouble,> he thought. <I’d better warn Lord R…>

    “You’re such a cutie!” Josephine squealed, not even stopping to think about how Professor Oak had obtained her Shinx.

    Crouching down, the red-haired teen gently rubbed the feline on her head; in response, the female Shinx purred happily and nuzzled in closer against the girl’s soft touch. This moment of happy bonding continued for some time, until Josephine looked at her digital watch and exclaimed in surprise. “Look at the time! I suppose we better keep heading towards Volfrost City. I don’t wanna keep Rachel and Paul waiting too long.”

    In holding up the red and white sphere in front of her partner’s face, the unspoken question of ‘did she want to go back inside?’ was raised. Shinx shook her head, indicating that she didn’t want to return to its confines at the moment.

    “Mission status, Zenas?” a low voice emanated from a walkie-talkie.

    A tall young man with spiky yellow hair swiftly answered. “Preparations are nearly complete. An ex-student of Koga’s will move in and carry out his assigned task tonight,” he responded. His voice was husky and he spoke in a hushed tone as he nonchalantly leaned against a wall.

    “Excellent job, well done,” the other man replied, before moving onto specifics. “Start wrapping things up and come back to HQ. Besides that, where are you?”

    “I’m leaning on a wall of Professor Oak’s laboratory in Pallet Town.”

    “Just hurry up. I’ll check back for your status later.”

    With the last command given, the walkie-talkie went silent.

    At the Volfrost City Police Station, two police-trained Rapidash were tethered to a railing. Their fine white coats glistened in the afternoon sunlight. But what caught the eye more were the flames, seemingly leaping off of the Pokémons’ haunches, from the tip of their tails to the top of their heads. The heads were held high, with the fine-tipped horns pointed straight for the heavens, while enshrouded with the tremendous manes of fire.

    One of the equine Pokémon, a quiet-natured stallion, turned his majestic head and spoke rapidly to the mare in Spanish. The mare snapped back, rolling her eyes in frustration.

    Rodrigo replied, using his Spanish charm to get the mare to look at him.

    Lady Penelope countered, her irritation slowly fading. Raising her head slightly, she recognized the figures of their owners walking briskly out of the station. she snorted.

    “Ready the units, Officer Prius!” A feminine-toned voice commanded as the two officers mounted their chargers, after untying them.

    “Yes, ma’m!” A young male answered back, in the same sharp, crisp tone befitting a member of the police force.

    “You will be in charge of the Volfrost and Leavane units. Failure is not tolerated!” The woman, clearly of a higher rank than the newly enlisted policeman, ordered.

    “Understood, ma’m!” Officer Prius shouted, before convincing Rodrigo to set off with a flick of the reins.

    Hiding behind a cedar tree was a shadowy figure. He continued to observe the red-haired teen as he crept closer and closer.

    “Shirar!” the female Shinx’s cry was urgent, as her trainer heard a twig break and jerked herself around to be confronted by a man. Sporting black hair, he appeared to be of foreign descent. Snugly fitted on his face was a pair of black-rimmed reading glasses. He wore a long sleeved gray striped business shirt and blue denim shorts, with the whitest of white sandshoes covering his feet.

    “Who are you?” Josephine asked suspiciously. “And why are you stalking me?”

    “Shii,” Riley uttered a drawn-out growl as she expressed her intense dislike for this man. Something about him seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite place it.

    “My name not important to you,” the man replied. “Neither is reason why I stalk you. But what you know anyway? You just young girl who not know anything.”

    Like hell your name is important! Josephine thought angrily, as her hazel eyes widened to hear how disrespectfully the foreigner spoke to her.

    “Riley, Juri – get ready!” the redhead instructed, finally giving her Sandshrew a nickname. “How DARE you speak to me like that?! I’ll have you know that I graduated second in my class and I could easily thrash you, you noob!” Having been insulted by the stranger, Josephine was really riled up. One hand was in a clawing position, and the other had been thrust upon her hip.

    <He’s in for it now…> Riley thought, tensing her muscles in readiness for battle. Weakened as he was, it appeared as though Juri had regained a small amount of strength as he burst out of the Poké Ball and took his place beside the female Shinx.

    “You two, it is go time!”

    Both Pokémon stepped up next to their trainer, with Riley having small sparks of electricity shoot from her azure fur as she bared her teeth.

    “You want battle, hey?” the man taunted Josephine, before releasing the only two Pokémon he possessed.

    A flash of red energy revealed a bipedal, tapir-shaped creature with a lazy face and appearance. It waved its four fingered hands around in a circular motion, making the air distort slightly. The bottom half of its body, other than its toes, was black and the rest of it was golden.

    The other Pokémon was a black dog-like being with a tan muzzle. It snapped and barked loudly, showing sharp white teeth with drool dripping from them. Upon seeing that its opponents were the diminutive Shinx and Sandshrew, the Houndour prepared for a battle.

    “The name Jin, by the way,” the man finally publicized his name.

    “A pleasure, I’m sure,” Josephine replied sarcastically.

    “Get them!” Jin commanded his two Pokémon.

    “Riley, Juri – Bite and Scratch!”

    The female Shinx ran towards the Drowzee and bit into his flesh firmly, while the male Sandshrew lunged at the Houndour, scratching the Dark and Fire type canine several times before a small storm of embers forced him to back away.

    Drowzee’s black eyes widened upon feeling Riley bite him and the Psychic type retaliated with a blue blast of mental energy that is the technique known as Confusion. The move sent the Electric type flying backwards, but her hind paws dug into the soil, which slowed her movements and prevented her from crashing into an oak tree.

    “Tackle and Scratch! Keep it up, you two! You’re going great!” Josephine congratulated her partners.

    The redhead’s two Pokémon swapped targets. As Riley rammed her head into Houndour’s side, it caused the small canine to become winded. He lay on all fours, trying to get his breath back.

    “Quick, Riley! Thunder Fang Houndour!” the teen instructed, not wanting to lose the advantage she had.

    The female Shinx wasn’t about to let that happen and she bit into the thick black fur, releasing electricity into the dog’s nervous system. A choked gasp came from Houndour’s mouth as an electric shock flowed through his body. Having recovered from the earlier attack, Houndour retaliated with an Ember firestorm. Riley tried to dodge it, but she ended up taking a glancing blow. She responded by unleashing another Thunder Fang on Houndour, which proved to be the final straw for the Dark and Fire type. He fainted in front of Riley, his energy completely spent.

    Working as a team, albeit Juri was a bit unwilling, Riley and the male Sandshrew now advanced on Drowzee. The Psychic type was proving to be particularly difficult in defeating.

    Feinting to the left, Riley was able to trick Drowzee and she quickly lunged in from the right. She used Bite on the Psychic type’s arm once again, while Juri madly scratched his opponent until his eyes rolled backwards in his head and he collapsed on his back.

    “WHOOHOO!” Josephine screamed happily. “I won!” she declared proudly.

    Realizing Jin wouldn’t give her any prize money, she continued a little way down the path. She stopped and looked back at him, as he was sitting on the side of the path, defeated. “Don’t ever underestimate a Pokémon trainer on a mission,” she said to him, feeling really proud of herself.

    Continuing on down the path a bit more, Josephine heard a clip-clopping sound. Before she could even wonder about who Jin really was, a Rapidash came into sight, carrying a policewoman.

    Dressed in a suit, which showed off various shades of blue, the woman dismounted her steed. “Good day to you. I’m Superintendent Tyler from the Volfrost City Police Station. I heard that there was a suspicious person in the area. Could you tell me where they may have gone?”

    Suspicious person? Josephine thought. I’ve merely battled one person today and… of course! Jin! “I’m only a beginner trainer, but I battled a stranger who seemed very suspicious. I left him just back there,” she replied, pointing behind her.

    Remounting her Rapidash, the policewoman questioned the teen for her name and the red-haired girl readily gave it. Superintendent Tyler then thanked Josephine for her help and asked that she pass on a message to Paul. The message being that Tyler wanted Josephine to tell Paul, who she revealed as her son, that she would visit him soon. After Josephine agreed to be the message-bearer, the woman rode off.

    An hour later, Josephine was thankfully nearing Volfrost City – her already-meagre supplies were running low. She sighed when she saw the city and its lights. Josephine decided to spend the night at the Pokémon Centre and buy her supplies in the morning. The red-haired girl caught a glimpse of a building with a crimson roof and quickly ducked inside. The teen stood inside, pausing to catch her breath.

    Looking around, she noticed Rachel lying on one of the red sofas, with Paul on the Internet. Who knows what he’s looking up, Josephine thought.

    A nurse behind the counter spoke up. She had pink hair and wore a white nurses’ uniform with pink lacing. “This is the Volfrost City Pokémon Centre. How may I help you?”

    Walking hurriedly over to the desk, she handed the two occupied spheres to the pink-haired woman who was Nurse Joy. “I’m Josephine. I’m a beginning Pokémon trainer. Could you please examine my Pokémon? My Sandshrew needs some extra care,” the teen explained, and Joy nodded, before taking the two orbs out to the back room.

    Hearing Josephine’s voice made Rachel jump slightly. “Huh? Oh hey, it’s Josephine!” She got off the sofa and hurried over to her friend. The tall girl walked forward, her long lavender-coloured hair flowing behind her. She looked relaxed and comfortable in her outfit – a bright red zip-up skin-tight jumper and navy blue shorts.

    “What took so long?” the lavender-haired girl asked.

    “Ah, I got caught up in some adventures.” Josephine answered.

    “What sort of adventures?” Paul questioned, coming over from getting off the Internet. The boy was of an average height and he had spiky, auburn-coloured hair. He wore a grey shirt and baggy purple pants. On each of his wrists was a purple sweatband and cupped in his right hand were two red and white spheres.

    “They were exciting enough, I’ll put it that way,” the red-haired teen responded, not going into too much detail.

    Paul raised an eyebrow, but said nothing more.

    Nurse Joy then spoke up in her trademark soft voice. “Your Pokémon are ready, Josephine.”

    “Thanks,” she answered, taking her Poké Balls and attaching them to her belt. Yawning, Josephine turned to Nurse Joy and asked if there were any spare rooms available. At this, Paul and Rachel went to their own rooms. Upon receiving an affirmative response, Josephine struggled upstairs to room B625. She unlocked the door and the exhausted trainer merely crawled into the bed that was available, falling asleep almost straight away.
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