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Originally Posted by narutoactor View Post
how do you find the platelet offsets for the overworlds in overworldeditor it dosent tel you :l
I think it tells you in advanced mode. If not you'll just have to export the Sprite palettes with VBA, load them in APE and search for them. You could also try looking for the offsets in the .ini files for OWE.

Originally Posted by sandstone View Post
yes thank you, i got that much on my own. the main question was about the second "freeze" as you put it. its not a freeze though.
completely different. image crash.

can tile set changes crash the rom? and if not does any one know why my rom image crashed (the second time)
Yeah it can. Its happened to me at least. It must be something to do with how AdvanceMap searches for free space. Try inserting them at a place with plenty of free space.

Originally Posted by yusufs1 View Post
how do you insert an entirley new building into tileset 0
i can insert into the specific tilesets fine but editing the first tileset is not working, and the buildings tiles are all jumbled up nd i can't find any when i want to build the maps
i need to know cuz i want to inert a hg/ss pokemon center
if u dont get what im saying ill try to explain it a little clearer
i want to insert this

into tileset 0
i can't manage to do it properly
but the pallete is already edited for the pokemon center, os no trouble there

credits for the image goes to C.N.C
You need to edit all the blocks to use the new tiles. Try reading some tutorials.

Originally Posted by 徐死 View Post
hey again, could anyone please tell me how to make it so the introduction of pokemon firered doesn't have any music playing? I need to know for the part where it says "in the world you have entered" or whatever it says with the pikachu in the corner, and when you're talking to Prof. Oak. thanks.
No idea I'm afraid. I don't think it'd be easy (finding out how to do it anyway). If you're really desperate you could replace that track with blank music.

Originally Posted by emilin_rose View Post
Probably stupid, but i added tiles to the blank spaces in elitemap's tileset, and it worked fine in elitemap, but not the rom. Now i'm trying in advancedmap and once more i can't figure out how to add the tiles.

Can anyone tell me how to add edited tiles to elitemap or advancedmap?

I've tried the block editor but i have no clue how to make it work.

Also, i've noticed in UNlz, when i look through the pokemon files, the backsprites are all shiny, and the normal ones aren't. I can't find the normal backsprites or the shiny regular sprites anywhere. This makes me hesitate to switch them out.

In a nutshell, do i just need to make a shiny backsprite and a normal battle sprite, and the game will pallete swap the rest? or am i missing something entirely here?
Try reading some tutorials on how to insert tiles.

All you need to do is replace the sprite itself when you "switch them out". The game reads the palette for shiny pokemon (front sprite and backsprite) from the palette associated with the corresponding back sprite and the palette for normal pokemon from the palette associated with the front sprite.

Originally Posted by jack94 View Post
Hi I have some Hex editing questions...
I started trying out ROM hacking about 2 or 3 days ago (using Pokemon Gold GBC), I started using Hex yesterday - i have Translhextion.

I have managed to edit Bulbasaur's evolution data in Translhextion by finding where the evolution data starts and editing Bulbasaur. However this is easy as Bulbasaur is the first pokemon so the data is right there at the very start of the evolution data.

What I want to do is to go to specific Pokemon in the Evolution Data. For example I want to make it so that Kadabra evolves at a Level instead of by trading. I know how to do this when i get to his data but i don't know how to get there. There must be an easier way than to count through the 00's at the end of the evolution sequences until i count the number that is Kadabras pokedex number?
Can someone help me out??

I also managed to edit Youngster JOEY in Hex by searching his name and it took me straight to his trainer battle data. Now, I want to edit your Pokemon Gold Rival as well but I don't know what to search for to find his trainer/battle data. When i search RIVAL and similar things it finds nothing.....
Anyone know how to do this??

All help greatly appreciated
I wouldn't rely on counting the 00s it'd be pretty easy to trip up. Find out the structure of the pokemon data and then count up to the ones you need. There really isn't an easier way. Thats why people use tools (well not the only reason).

In FR the rival's name as it appears in the trainer data is TERRY (no idea why). Just scroll through the trainer data and see if there is a name that occurs multiple times. Chances are that'll be the rival.
Originally Posted by Maarton View Post

I have one simple question that i am sure some of you guys can answer for me.

How do you change the BACK sprites of pokemon? I have not made 15 posts yet so i cant give you an example.

I know its possible in some way, but how?

I have found where all the sprites are in CrystalTile2, poketool/pokegra/pokegra.narc

What to do next?

Thanks in advance!
Try looking through the old D/P/Pt hacking thread. I remember seeing a tool that could replace sprites.