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Originally Posted by emilin_rose View Post
thanks thrace. I was worried for a minute there.

But now i have another question. When i went into APA and tried to change a palette, it gave me the message "It is not safe to replace this palette." Any idea what it's about or how i can fix it?
APA? You mean APE right? Not sure why that'd be, I've personally never had that problem. Might be because APE thinks you're trying to edit something that isn't a palette? Try PMing HackMew (he created APE).

Originally Posted by eccentric. reach View Post
This has most likely been asked yet I could not find it by searching in this thread.

How do i edit movement in FR when Professor Oak stops you infront of the grass? I know movement is probably universal... But I'm completely new to this and I dont even know how to use a script editor lol.

I've noticed that 2D is face down, 2E is face up, etc. But i dont know compiling and also why theres about 4 sets of movements in the script. :s
You need to read some tutorials. You can't expecting to dive straight into scripting without knowing the fundamentals.