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DP141 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)

I’m going to try and explain what happend in this week’s episode, remember I can’t read/speak japanese.

-Crew starts off from where they were in last episode and this time with Palmer.
-Palmer goes all excited and brings out Dragonite
-Satoshi asks for battle.
-JUN keeps calling his Father DADDY!
-Palmer accepts Satoshi's Battle and they walk away and Jun as well.

Pokemon High Touch 2009 Opening.

There all back at Hikari's House cooking Dinner.
Next Day, Hikari's Mother is some kind of commentator at the fate calling out Palmer but he is not there?
Palmer is eating Team Rockets food that there selling lol.
Satoshi and Jun and Hikari find Palmer, then Palmer runs off to the battle field.
Whoever wins this contest will win a Trophy.
OMG Music from BATTLE FRONTIER!!! Opening.
Shows clips of Pokemon fighting in the contest.
Satoshi has gone all the way as useal. .and he will vs. Palmer.
Palmer brings Rhyperior.

End of Part 1

Sponsers of Pokemon

Pokemon HG/SS DS Commercial

2 x Meiji Commercial

Pokemon Center Commercial

Pokemon TGC Commercial

Part 2

-JUN gets excited / EPIC MUSIC.
-Satoshi brings out Grotle.
-Razor Leaf used...then Sandstorm. (Im not good and naming all these moves)
-Grotle used Razor Leaf again...this time it stopped the Sandstorm.
-Energy Ball Grotle Used when Mega Horn was used by Rhyperior
-Weird green mist coming out of Grotle's back.
-Rhyperior made a Huge Mountain like Rock, Grotle Runs up it.
-Rhyperior dig a move and defeated Grotle, Satoshi is defeated.
-Palmer thanks for the battle and says something about Grotle's Energy Ball, and gives him the trophy.
-Jun, Satoshi, Takeshi, Hikari talk and Satoshi thinks back of the battle between Paul.
-HAHA Music from an old ending comes on (Pokemon ED2 Ondo I think), Jun runs off to dance.
-Palmer comes by to talk to Satoshi and crew again.
-Team Rocket and this guy who has been in the last 2 episodes talk, said something to Team Rocket to make them happy anyway?
-Jun drumming the Taiko lol.
-Hikari, Satoshi, Takeshi all say goodbye to Hikari's mother...good luck with contests etc.
-JUN! Says to the to STOP and talks for a second and then Runs off ahead of them!


Bread with Pokemon Commercial.

Manga commercial.

Pokemon Ending.

Proffesor Oak Switch On....Talks about Suicune.

Pokemon Movie 12 Commercial.

Pokemon some sort of Game Commerical

Pokemon game by Tomy Commercial

Pokemon Pichu teddy Commercial

Preview for Pokemon Next Week. TOGEPI!!
(Looks like a Team Rocket episode)

Pokemon Sponsers

2 x Mc Donalds Commercial.

Naruto Shippuden Coming Up Next :D


Please dont JUST mention the preview that was shown after this episodes, if you have seen this (not saying where) please tell me your thoughts about the episode.

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