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    Originally Posted by jack94 View Post
    Hi I have some Hex editing questions...
    I started trying out ROM hacking about 2 or 3 days ago (using Pokemon Gold GBC), I started using Hex yesterday - i have Translhextion.

    I have managed to edit Bulbasaur's evolution data in Translhextion by finding where the evolution data starts and editing Bulbasaur. However this is easy as Bulbasaur is the first pokemon so the data is right there at the very start of the evolution data.

    What I want to do is to go to specific Pokemon in the Evolution Data. For example I want to make it so that Kadabra evolves at a Level instead of by trading. I know how to do this when i get to his data but i don't know how to get there. There must be an easier way than to count through the 00's at the end of the evolution sequences until i count the number that is Kadabras pokedex number?
    Can someone help me out??
    This has been discussed before. You can avoid cycling through trainers by determining exactly what the bytes must be and searching for them.
    Originally Posted by jack94 View Post
    I also managed to edit Youngster JOEY in Hex by searching his name and it took me straight to his trainer battle data. Now, I want to edit your Pokemon Gold Rival as well but I don't know what to search for to find his trainer/battle data. When i search RIVAL and similar things it finds nothing.....
    Anyone know how to do this??
    The rival’s name, which is variable, is represented by its own special character: 0xE6.

    Aside from searching for E6 50, the location can be found using another way. Silver is his own trainer class (actually two of them, 09 and 2A). The list beginning at offset 3993E consists of pointers to the first trainer of every class. Therefore, Silver’s trainer data are located at the destination of the pointers at (0x3993E + 2 × [0x9 − 1]) and (0x3993E + 2 × [0x2A − 1]).
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    If you want to hack Pokémon RBY or GSC, read, read, and read some more. This has tons of valuable information.

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