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Jun is, by far, the best character in this show. I love him.

- Jun :D
- Hehe, he still says "daddy", so cute
- Hahaha, Satoshi shoves a load of people out the way XDD Hikari shoves him away and Jun shoves her XD
- Why does he have to keep saying "daddy"? XD It makes me laugh XDDDDD
- Twinleaf Town music ~
- Gregglel on TV?
- Why is Hikari's mum there?
- The fat old man is taking place of the remarkable man "desu neee"
- Kurotsugu eating that food from Team Rocket reminds me of when Shirona was eating ice creams from them
- *tries not to mention Jun saying "daddy" again*
- It would be funny if Kurotsugu bashed into someone like Jun does XD
- I just thought...I hope Jun doesn't end up looking like Kurotsugu when he grows up D:
- Wonder what song TPCI will use instead of Battle Frontier eiga version
- Ohh, it's a tournament
- Bahahaha, Hikari said "nandatendayo" XDD That conversation with Jun just *sounds* funny
- lol why is Satoshi scared of the Doisaidon? XD
- I want SS D:
- Y'know, those "open" adverts really annoying me, I've seen them too much
- Huh, trading cards relating to the anime
- Whoa, Satoshi sounds serious when he was thinking o.O
- I can just imagine Jun saying Satoshi can't win...
- Jun smiling at the battle is so funny XD
- Hahaha, Hayashigame swollowed Energy Ball XD
- Overgrow? I heard them say "power up", so I think that's it?
- Love that movie 5 theme ~
- Route 27 theme!! :DD The best theme
- And Jun is happy, hooray ~
- Why Satoshi sad?
- Pokemon Ondo ~
- And Jun has to run off XDDDDDDDD He ran so funny XD Or is that his dancing? XDD
- Jun singing Pokemon Ondo = EPIC WINNNNNNNNNNNNN *dies* He needs his own song! But what's the dub going to do? They cut the singing
- He's still going through the Team Rocket scene! Keep going, Jun!
- Aww, it ended D:
- Jun again! Yay!
- Did he just call himself "ore-sama"? XDDDDDDDD
- Bye, Jun DDD:


- Evil Togepi o.O
- The scene with the rocket looks pretty cool
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