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    Well, who woulda thunk it. Character karma does exist.

    Okay. To elaborate, I've been spending the last few days concocting some major development of a character of an as-of-yet-unwritten fic (I really shouldn't be saying that as much as I am) who just so happens to be blind and paralyzed from the waist down, not to mention have a total personality switch from his old character (the guy was originally one of my roleplay characters, but a cameo soon grew into what he was doing now). While brainstorming on further ways to (admittedly, hopefully non-painfully) develop him further and/or get started on the other five characters I've devoted myself to thinking about right now, I lost my balance on this really cheap one-person trampoline that's practically falling apart. Tripped on a loose piece of cloth, fell to the ground, left knee hit rug first. So it's slowly getting better and bending correctly without much pain, but... maybe I should get started on the other characters now? xD