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The Results are in!

Synaesthesia - 24.3
Codec - 14.3
Hakeen - 16.3
ShinjisLover - 22.0
Feign - 18.0
icomeanon6 - 27.0
Lady GaGa - 20.0
solovino - 27.6
Kleinchen - 23.0
Negrek - 28.3
Notched^^ - 9.6
dream's-epilogue - 21.6
Shrike Flamestar - 28.3
Eleclion -19.3
txteclipse - 28.0
Giratar - 23.0
Archer - 23.3
Redstar - 26.3
Mizan Nix Zamnie - 21.0

Small Writing Contest: 1st Place
Congratulations, you scored the highest in PC's Small Writing Contest! Make sure to show this off to your friends with the Writer's emblem!
Awarded to the entry with the highest score in the Small Writing Contest.

Small Writing Contest: 2nd Place
First is the worst! You got second in PC's Small Writing Contest, be happy!
Awarded to the entry with the second highest score in the Small Writing Contest.

That's to all the entered. You all may post your entries in the Fanfiction section now, and the Honorable Mention thread will be made in a couple of days. Thank you all for participating and we hope to see you next year (this is, if we have another get-together).

Monotype Fire Challenge
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