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    Shrike, darling, congratulations, and I promise to review your work as soon as I head back to school in a couple of days. (I totally am not procrastinating on two different betas. lolwut?)

    Originally Posted by Shrike Flamestar
    Speaking of the corpse, I am sad it died. I demand that it be revived!
    ...Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

    Well, if there's more than one person interested, something might just get a third thread on PC.

    Speaking of things to revive, is it kosher to actually revive the MPT3000 thread (so says the girl who actually did it more than once anyway)? Because, yeah, I'm not actually done with the next episode. Oops.

    To answer the latest bold questions:

    Have you ever implemented plot threads/sub-plots/mini-arcs/whatever in your stories? If they're not spoileriffic and you don't mind sharing, what were they?

    A Midsummer Knight's Dream looks like it has subplots and mini-arcs, but these are just lies. Lies like cake. Cake that I forgot existed and sort of let go stale. Again.

    AEM, meanwhile, has so many subplots and mini-arcs it's not even funny. You just think the Committee is doing it for Bill, but they're really not. Not to mention the overall plot is not "Bill goes off on a journey with friends across Hoenn." Nor is it, for that matter, "Adam decides to have a coup."

    To make it related to Fanfiction, perhaps we could talk about the kinds of medical procedures that your fic characters have had?

    Within the story or outside? Because I once tried to imagine how many injuries a clumsy researcher on the field would rack up, and the list that's contained within Bill's background was not only so long it's hilarious but also something that made the fact that Bill likes staying in his lighthouse make a hell of a lot more sense.

    Within the story, Bill's had one major operation between chapters one and two for fairly obvious reasons, and he had to be revived by doctors after one nice little incident between chapters two and three. Veronica just had stitches done when she got cut thanks to crazy!Bill, and Oak had that thing with his leg. You know. That thing.

    Somehow, despite the fact that she's the least mentally stable out of all of them, Rose got away injury-free, as did most of the other characters.

    And I have no idea how a fic with as many shootings and violent criminal acts as A Midsummer Knight's Dream has gone for as many chapters as it did without someone ending up in a hospital. Maybe medical procedures are just that awesomely advanced in the future that they can be done without you knowing about them. ¯\(0.o)/¯

    Originally Posted by Giratina of Never-Turn-Back
    So it's slowly getting better and bending correctly without much pain, but... maybe I should get started on the other characters now? xD
    Or, if you're a masochist...

    Seriously, ouch.
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