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    Originally Posted by CriticalCrisis View Post
    I've had some experience designing, or at the very least honing others designs, of fan Pokemon. I can help you out if you want. Just talking. I like the direction you're taking with your own creations, especially since they match the feeling of some of my own.
    Thank you. ;3 What I'd really like is more collaborators and opinions... otherwise, working on this project is kind of sad and unexciting. Do you wanna send me a PM? I'd love to take a look at your stuff, and maybe we can think up some stuff together. Who knows. XD

    I'm spriting Igniscale right now and I've decided I like it. It's not my favorite of the three Starters, but I feel it fits with the other two, at least. And I think it's boyish enough... Considering the other two are pretty girly.