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    Originally Posted by Cello View Post
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I'm looking into it as I type this message.
    There are two things that come to my mind that could be the problem:
    1.) Gale doesn't index images and that could be the problem. In some cases it will grab exact colors, and other cases it wont. When you save a palette in gale with a un-indexed image it gets a lot of other unneeded colors. Or it could be a palette file that only Gale can read.
    2.) .PAL files are a bit messed. I've had troubles with .PAL files before. I'm going to look deeper into this for you and edit my post/PM you with the results.

    I mentioned this in one of my "Did you know" tips; you can paste a tile that you want recolored into another image that's indexed. It will automatically change it's colors. BUT there's two things:
    -You have to be really careful because sometimes it will give the tile you just pasted bad colors.
    -If it's over 16 colors, it will usually not come out the way you want since it has so many colors.

    You should try this if the image your pasting the tile to has similar tiles, like a cliff into a rock tileset.

    I hope I understood your question correctly. >_<

    Anymore questions, please let me know.
    No, I meant the tile that hasn't been indexed will be pasted to the tile that is indexed, is it possible? Usually it is done to sprites. See the 3rd step on destinedjagold's tutorial. Click here to see.
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