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D: I'm not active enough in here.

What's the current wordcount on your active chaptered fics?
The Quest for the Legends version ILCOE Word document is currently 234,217 words, although that includes a bit of notes at the bottom and so on. Morphic is 33,945 words, including a basic draft of how the rest of it will go and a future scene.

Have you ever implemented plot threads/sub-plots/mini-arcs/whatever in your stories? If they're not spoileriffic and you don't mind sharing, what were they?
Of course. If we count only major ones, The Quest for the Legends had the whole rivalry between Scyther and Charmeleon as a sub-plot, as well as Scyther's issues, Leta's issues, May's quest to retrieve her Quilava from Taylor, the whole legendary clone deal with Rick and Taylor, Gyarados's mysterious powers and hatred of Suicune, and arguably Mark's entire badge journey is a sub-plot. Then it has "mini-arcs" in the form of the Pokémon Festival and Ouen League chapters, and the main plot is in tangled threads that are all over the place.

Morphic has a whole lot of things going on with most of them not really going anywhere important, so I'm not sure I would call them sub-plots or whatever; they're just background details of sorts. It's not really long enough to have proper developed sub-plots.

To make it related to Fanfiction, perhaps we could talk about the kinds of medical procedures that your fic characters have had?
I... don't think any of my characters have ever had any sort of medical procedures done on them unless they broke their legs sometime long before their actions became relevant to me. Well, unless you count that bullet that grazed Dave in Morphic and got him briefly hospitalized. Seeing as the other victim died instantaneously, there were no actual medical procedures done on him.
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