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Just a note that this RP is private. Only Loki, Gummy and myself may post here.


To humanity, the unknown is like a plague they must eliminate. They strive to learn all they can using whatever means possible, and that’s what makes humanity a dangerous race. But, it is impossible for humans to learn everything, as there are some things that can even hide from plain sight. But just because people can see these things normally, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be affected. The supernatural affects the human world every day, be it a young girl being prayed on by a vampire, a ghost haunting a building, or something even worse. These events, however, due to a lack of proof, tend to go unexplained.

But why? There are ways for humans to identify these things through means other than sight and sound, and as their technology grows it becomes even more of an issue. The truth is that there are groups of “people” that do cover-up, cleaning up the messes of any supernatural phenomena that may occur in their area. These “people” aren’t usually people at all, but rather phenomena themselves. This maintains an important balance, so that humans don’t discover more than they need to know…

BUT WHO CARES? This is only setting the basis for out story anyways!

Getting down to the important stuff: our story takes place in the city of Yamaguchi, more specifically Kuriya High in its Nazkian District. Here, a special student club was formed with the intention of keeping the paranormal in Yamaguchi down to a hush, while hiding their own strange identities at the same time. Composed of a werewolf, a witch, a spectre, and a necromancer, this strangely put-together unit hunts the supernatural and puts them in their place! …or something like that.


Age: (15-18)
Race: (If you have abilities, describe those too)
Medium: (For witch and necromancer only)
Appearance: (Anime image required along with a brief description)

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