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Pokemon Pale Version:
Hack of... Platinum? Oh come on.
You are one of two siblings who live on a small Hawaii-like island in the Zindow Region (Name pending), which consists of a chain of islands similar to the Sevii Isles, except much larger. You and your sibling (the other player character) go to the temple on top of the island, where you meet a trainer (the rival) who wants to get inside the temple. Just then the dude's father, some team-leader style guy, comes down and breaks into the temple. Your rival gives you a Pokemon and you fight the leader (practice battle) when the rival fights the leader and you escape to port. There you met a professor, who's researching eight stone tablets and wants you to collect them for him. He believes they have something to do with the temple on your island. Yada yada...

I'll do more later.