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Originally Posted by mervyn797 View Post
congrats everyone! i participated!
edit: theres a big error in the participant emblem. it says: "Ultimate Trivia Participant This Person participated well in the Photography Contest "
photography? its trivia!!
check out my emblems and youll understand.!!!

Yea I noticed, I've asked the people if they could change it

Originally Posted by Bay View Post

Woot, semifinalist! XD; Am interested though why you decided to have nine instead of five semifinalists, unless some of them are tied. :O

Congrats to Jake♫ and Yuyuko for winning the Trivia challenge! Also, to everyone else that participated! It was fun being beaten a thousand times.
Well I've made it so that the 1st 5 from round 1 went through then the top 5 from round 2 went so that if the top 5 from round 1 weren't here for round 2, they wouldn't lose there lead and definite position for the future rounds
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