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If you have ever finished a chaptered fic, did you do a revised version of it? For those of you who are in the process of writing a chaptered fic, do you think you'll do a revised edition?
Did I ever.

Well, technically I didn't finish it first, but as far as I'm concerned that's a detail. Three major revisions and several minor ones in between. Right now I'm writing both the 3.x version and the 4.x one and am planning to finish the 3.x one while writing the 4.x one on the side when I feel like it. After finishing the 3.x one, I also plan to go on with the 4.x and finish writing that.

I'll probably go through Scyther's Story and The Fall of a Leader sometime since they're not very well written at the moment. Morphic too, when I'm done with it. I'm revision-happy like that.
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Still not going to sprite for your fangame. Sorry, but I don't really sprite or give out permission for people to use my fake Pokémon anymore.