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Originally Posted by Colorful Summer View Post
I think that's a very nice feature.
So I'll have to spend my last 10,000 to go to the past when I could pay 500 before?
Man, you sure know how to spend our money...
Lol, you only spend $750 each visit.

Originally Posted by Aspinth
Wow, I really haven't been here in a while... I just wanted to say, fantastic job on this, really! I think it's one if not, the best hack in Progressing! But you could have at least told us, when the beta ended Lol. The tiles are original and well presented, and the music matches well. The trainers aren't lagging in the battle department, well they are a bit too easy I could tell you took your time with the hack, especially the maps and scripts. The titlescreen is awesome too, and the whole intro thing. I like the textbox and the new font, looks really good with the tiles for some reason And as for your new updates, I think it's a fantastic idea! No hack I've seen has ever done something like that :D I'm just surprised that it's in the progressing hacks section. You should consider the Hacks Showcase sometime.

I've been real busy since you last saw me. So sorry I haven't been helping you out. I suppose now, I can help again!
Good luck with this, and everything!
Good to see you again, thanks for all of your feedback too

I would consider the Hacks Showcase, but school starts in 2 days so... I wouldn't be able to manage it that well. Thanks for the offer, I'll PM you about this.

Originally Posted by MK
The text made me Gi-gi-gle
What text?