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Originally Posted by Citrinin View Post
but to actually set one off in the course of the story would be an interesting change of setting. :P
Oh yes. It was, quite literally, "And then stuff blew and everyone died." It was never published to FFNet, but that, folks, is how Warp Series ended because I just didn't care anymore. I might actually post it, if only as a one-shot. Just because it's crack to the highest caliber, and for whatever reason, people actually liked that crap. Then again, it was also FFNet, so.

Uh, anyway.

Do you absolutely refuse to write about something? If so, what is it, and what about it makes you uncomfortable?

Broad topic, yes, but basically, it's a "what turns you off" kind of question. It could be anything from extreme violence to just romance in general. No details are necessary if it's of a non-PC-friendly nature.
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