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The general Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver hacking thread..
Share your findings about the game with the community right here!

All findings will be 'indexed' in the next post.
MEH.. I can't double post (auto-merge), so I guess I'll index everything in the first post.


Personal findings:
- Totally different file structure, which sucks! It's using unnamed folders/files..
- The pokegra.narc in the pbr folder uses the D/P encryption
- Actual Pokémon Sprites (The NEW ones) are stored in a/0/0/4; 4 being a NARC archive and it uses the Platinum encryption.
- Other Pokémon Sprites: a/1/1/4; 4 being a NARC archive and it uses the Platinum encryption.
- Item Sprites: a/0/1/8 (Works with PokeDSPicPLATItemIcons)
- Attack Animations: Sprites: a/0/2/2 | Palettes: a/0/2/3 | Something: a/0/2/4 | AnimationData: a/0/2/5
- Intro sprites: a/1/2/0
- Area Images: a/1/5/0
- Pokémon Menu Icons: a/2/2/8
- Intro'movie': a/2/6/2
- ...

- PokéTEX list: Click
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