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    Originally Posted by cooley View Post
    This is the best for FireRed hacking that I've seen, so far.. What really made me bite my lip was the Overworld possibilities and palettes too. But that would mean HackMew takes more time to make the new Owerworld Editor. But I'd definitely hex new Owerworlds if I new the data and whatnot.

    I have a question, Is music affected in any way by this patch? In terms of Adding/subtracting tracks?
    Inside the pack comes a instruction booklet that contains all information I had on Overworlds and people events, including some I found out while studying the OW decription code. So Hex editing shouldn't be such a problem.

    Also, nothing was done about the music. Its the only are of the GBA programming I have still not understood. As such, no changes to the music was made.
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