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    Well, we've been developing a little bit since my last update, so I'll comment on the latest updates so far:

    At last, the 102 New Pokemon list is finished... I may be posting the entire Pokedex, so be sure to check it...

    More artwork will be added soon, featuring some early encounters in the game...

    Mapping up to the first city, Meadowburg City, has been completed. I'll post the info for each town or city so far... Watch it, as some maps may be huge. Be sure to check it...


    Salwood Town, the very first town you'll see in the game, is a relatively small place, only noted because of the Pokemon Lab it holds (big house at the top-right corner).


    Canevile Town, the crossroads town, is the access point to all the rest of the island. You may need to cross by here more than once.


    Meadowburg City, the first city, has very little attractive, except from the first Gym in the island. The Leader, Grace, is a user of Grass-type Pokemon, but may carry on a small surprise, so be prepared. Once you beat her, she'll give you the Petal Badge, which will allow you to use Cut. (Click to view large one)

    Read ya later...