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    this is a diferent kind of RP. this is what you call a chain RP. it works a bit different. you don't control a character. you control the story. and add more to the story. this how it starts. i start the story then the next person add to the story and type something to add to the story. it must have something to do with what it happening. there is one main character but other character can come and stay with the main character (like ash and his friends). i give you an example:

    ex: first post: john got up and got his first pkmn...bhahb ....then he found him self in a battle with an evil person

    second post:john sends out his krabby to attack. the evil person sends out and giant evil looking electabuzz.....bhahb......john was able to escape with his pkmn and all but the evil guy was no where to be found.

    that how it is.

    Now the story polt! it about a coming to age pokemon hero but all great heros need to start somewhere so where to start with is to get his first pkmn and a gym quest. eventally he will do something to become a hero and it ends until we feel there nothing to add

    now lets start

    "Sean time to get up!!! you going to be late to met Professor Oak." my mom called from my door. i got up and saw the time. i read that it was 8:44. "WHAT!!!! i late!!! MOM!! how come you didn't wake me up at 7:00." i said as i but on my black jean pants. she responed "because i wasn't awake at that time. hurry up and come get your breakfast" man! mom can be a bit lazy. where are my red shrit and my yellow jacket. there it is "comeing mom." i ran down the stairs and grab my blue backpack. my mom talked a bit but i wasn't listening. i was trying to eat my food. when i was done i said "yeah mom well bye." and gave her a kiss goodbye. i felt said when i gave her that kiss and she feels the same as i am the 3rd of her childern to leave on a pkmn journey.

    i ran to proffessor oak's lab to reach him i time. bust througt his lab door and saw him in the back of his lab and ran to him. "hi Sean nice to see you. i think you are bit late but..." said proffessor oak. i interrupted "so sorry i late. do you have a pkmn for me." professor oak said "i do have one but not a elmental pkmn like the ones i give out it is..." he was showing me a pokeball. then i took it and "said go pokemon" the pkmn that came out was an eevee!!"like i said this one is different. and this is what you get when you come late. just remember this pkmn can evo to different kinds of pkmns. time to leave and keep in contact" i was a bit dis appointed as i left the lab.

    ooc:ok guys time for you guys to add to it
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    Chained:story of a hero come add a link to the chain (found in th RP section)