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This episode raised one important question for me:

WHY isn't there more BrockxJames shipping?

Wait, Jess and Meowth got kicked out for using Fury Swipes? Wouldn't Marowak use Bone Club to hit the ball, though? I would have thought they'd be disqualified for, y'know, DESTROYING THE BALL.

What, we didn't even get to see Ash lose or Dawn win?

Wait, O broke Dawn's paddle and rather than pause the match and replace the paddle, which was clearly defective to have been broken by a hollow ball made of thin plastic, they just PLAY ON? What's so special about his "move" anyway? He misses and Shiftry covers him. That's what EVERYBODY's been doing.

Please, please, please tell me there was something wrong with the version I'm watching and that they didn't actually skip the conclusion to Dawn and O's match. PLEASE.

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