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I don't care that Ambipom left, just that they always said it wanted to do contests...haha, I remember that pic, DonRoyale XD

- Barry and Ash look so weird waving their arms around at each other XD
- Get off the screen, scooby doo
- Barry is so cool :D
- O?
- James and Brock XD
- ptter pitter pat pat...wat
- Wait, Meowth competing in this tournament doesn't count as the contest, does it?
- Aww, Ash got hit in the face XD
- Why's Dawn crying?
- Hehe, healing theme in the tournament
- But Ambipom always wanted to do *contests*! How fickle
- Too cute when Ambipom takes Dawn's hat!

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Signing up
Using Coin Toss
Route 3
Just before the tournament starts
RBY Wild Pokemon Battle
O wants Ambipom to go with him
Watching Ambipom pingponging
Chiisaki Mono instrumental
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