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    I've been (slowly) trying to go through and document every NARC file I can. I'm missing a few things in this thread yet but I'll be continuously updating the file at this address: http: //dl.getdropbox .com/u/258536/hgss-filesys.txt Enjoy.

    Originally Posted by Book Caterpie View Post
    Are there any tools that are being made or worked on?
    Most if not all of the DPPt tools still apply... That's the glory of NARC files. The only troubleyou will have is finiding the right one, which is why we are mapping out the contents of each NARC.

    Originally Posted by Potatomuffin View Post
    Okay, Done! I successfully hacked the game in 5 minutes. That Was Easy!(C) Anyway, the maps seem to be in order! Yay! this makes map hacking a lot easier! heres a link:
    You might wanna look into some map "hacking" that is actually productive... Full documentation of the model file format can be found on these very forums, and Alpha aka pokesplash has a promising viewer in the works.
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