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Originally Posted by Cello View Post
Anybody who is having the black screen after Oak issue, follow the megaupload link posted below:
(((It won't let me put the link here 'cause I haven't made 15 posts or more)))

This is a download for the pokefix patcher. Simply follow the instructions that come bundled with.

This does not contain the rom, ofcourse.

Anybody who is having saving issues, I don't really know what to tell you. Make sure you have your NDS Cartridge Backup Media set correctly in the No$GBA setup. I have mine set to "Flash 512KBytes."
After the patch and making sure it's set correctly saving turns out just fine for me.
Hey, I'm new.

Long story short, I wrote up this whole epic bit about how this patch won't work for me, but then the stupid "no link posting" thing came up, and everything I wrote went "poof", so I'll sum it up as quickly as I can.

I'm running NO$Zoomer2.0.3.2 through NO$GBA2.6 running
4159_-_Pokemon_Heart_Gold_(J)(Xenophobia) downloaded from Romulation.

I downloaded the pokefix patch, and I can extract the folder just fine. But then I go into the folder, and it wont let me extract the BIOS and the Firmware.

I'm about ready to punt a kitten, I've been searching the net for SOME solution, to no avail, and this looks promising.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.