Thread: [Tutorial] Creating Level Scripts
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Old September 17th, 2009 (12:04 PM).
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    I really dont know what was the problem, but I tried 5555 and it worked... I had tried 4500 and some others already before, but those didnt work...And I have Sapphire, not Fire Red, so they should have worked... but they simply did not
    ANyway, thanks cooley and Pokepal, i can finally continue with my hack...

    Ah, and dont you know whats this problem with the color changing sprites when I use showpokepic? I put a Charmander, a Bulbasaur and a Mudkip, and when I klick charmander, it is black, then i click bulbasaur and mudkip, they are normal color, then charmander again, who turned into blue and white, then also bulbasaur is black... does the comand wrk different in the new version of XSE, like callstd or whats the problem?
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